Cash donations are always gratefully accepted. We welcome all donations of books, videos, CDs, DVDs and magazines from the public. Our policy for inclusion into our collection includes the following criteria:

  • material must be relevant and accurate
  • material must be in good shape and appealing to potential readers
  • should be less than 3 years old for non-fiction
  • should be less than 2 years old for fiction

Contact the library if you have any questions. If we do not include the materials in our collection, they will be placed in the Used Book Store for resale. 

Used Book Store

We have an extensive collection of used books, magazines, and DVDs for sale in our Used Book Store. All books are 50 cents, movies are a dollar and magazines are free.

Any donations that we choose not to add to our collection are placed in the Book Store for resale. We also add items that we have weeded from our collection for various reasons. The resale of these books helps us add current, up-to-date materials to our collection.

Thank you.